Key vital signs measured on a mobile device app
Detection of illness as early as possible
Revolutionary AI-Based Entrance Screening Solution
Let's continue to ensure a safe environment for all
Live, work and play and has increased our awareness of wellness. When it comes to social interaction and everyone's safety, we all think differently now.
The Instant Vitals™ screening app was developed to help people and businesses continuously live and operate in a healthy and safe environment, giving peace-of-mind that the spaces we move in are given the green light

Early alerting of wellness concerns and other diseases can prevent loss of business productivity.

What makes Instant Vitals unique?

Risk Mangement
Identifying risks based on real clinical measurements.
Not just relying on answers to questions
Peace Of Mind
Knowing that everyone is green in work and public places
Mobile app based, key 
vital signs artificial intelligence (AI)
Mobile app based, key 
vital signs artificial intelligence (AI)
More Than Just Temperature
Temperature screening is insufficient for COVID-19.
Instant Vitals™ measures key vital signs for early detection
Encrypted QR-Code
It’s your personal Instant Vitals™ data wallet.
Works like an airline boarding pass
Scan And Go
Present your QR-code (or mobile number) when entering work, school, shops or any public place.
Screen and enter
For the Individual
Daily screening to monitor personal health and wellness
Medical Grade Accuracy
Certified and Accuracy Tested
For the Business
Scan any individual Instant Vitals™ QR code at entrances and exists
Quick and Accessible
Wellness Assurance for Peace of Mind
Wellness Management
Universally Accepted
Proven Grade Accuracy
More Than Just Temperature
Encrypted QR-Code
Scan and Go
For The Individual
For Individuals and Businesses

Key facts about Instant Vitals™

Reduces the risk of a COVID-19 cross-infection in businesses or enterprises by early detection of infection, through key vital sign indicators
Accessible, accurate and easy-to-use app. Available anytime, anywhere.
Creating a safe workplace with additional health management for staff peace-of-mind
Early detection of low oxygen levels vital sign which saves lives
Available as an application for 64-bit Android devices and for iPhone 6 and upwards.
Internet connection is required to get the status and update the encrypted test results to the Instant Vitals™ cloud platform
Business solution that screens staff at home to minimise risk at the business and to other employees and customers.
Instant Vitals™ also minimises risk
for businesses by on-premise screening and verifying staff, visitors or any person entering any location
Each individual’s QR-code can be scanned by any business or place that has the Instant Vitals™ verifier app
Screening and monitoring all people accessing corporate offices, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, public transport facilities, schools, universities, airports, industrial sites and mines, amongst others.
Instant Vitals™ was developed by UC-Wireless as a as a wellness screening solution, incorporating its licensed AI technology.
UC-Wireless has been registered with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) as a manufacturer incorporating the certified AI and the Instant Vitals™ app.
Instant Vitals™ is already being adopted in Africa,
APAC, Europe and North America.
The team behind Instant Vitals™
Quentin Daffarn
Pr Eng; BSc Eng (Elec)
Founder and Managing Director of UC-Wireless Pty Ltd
Dr. T L Legodi
Medical professional and clinical advisor of UC-Wireless Pty Ltd
Luke Ewan
Technical Manager
Instant Vitals is a trade marked product designed, developed and owned by UC-Wireless