We’ve all been told that temperature is a key vital sign as COVID-19 symptoms are said to usually start with a fever and/or a cough, but many people are asymptomatic, which is the reason that COVID-19 has spread so prolifically and became a global pandemic.
While it is now widely known that many people don’t even show signs and symptoms, key vital signs including oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate (breathing), show early signs of disease progression without the person being aware (silent hypoxia). Some may have experienced mild symptoms or none at all. Many cases of silent hypoxia, where the person experienced shortness of breath, were found to have dangerously low oxygen saturation and has been one of the main causes of sudden fatality.
Regular wide-spread screening of these key vital signs and assessing the multiple known symptoms through an easy to answer questionnaire, is able to detect the onset of the disease as early as possible. Mass screening through deployment in businesses and places frequented by the public, will benefit not only employees but the greater public as well.
If oxygen saturation and the other key vitals were being proactively screened, we believe many unnecessary sentinel events and other cases of chronic disease may have been averted or prevented by accessing medical treatment in time.

Minimising the extended exposure of asymptomatic people is of critical importance for both the uninfected masses and the infected individuals.
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