What is the medical basis for the health risk screening questions?
The medical screening questions in Instant Vitals™ are based on global and local sources for determining health risk for COVID-19 including sources from:
World Health Organization (WHO)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
South Africa National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD)
• The symptoms and signs have been based on literature reviews of the common symptoms and signs of COVID-19 presentation.
Request a copy of “Symptoms and Signs of COVID-19, A case to include the symptoms and signs for purpose of case finding for COVID-19” here.

These signs and symptoms are weighted accordingly due to most common symptoms - which weigh more and are more likely to present in relation to COVID-19, to the least common - which weigh less and are less likely to be associated with COVID-19.  The most important health risk survey questions that are medically generally accepted globally have been incorporated.

“Instant Vitals is a health risk screening (surveillance tool) and wellness application, and does not only focus on COVID-19. The surveillance questions have been specifically grouped here to give more information that can alert us to a high possibility of a respiratory virus like COVID-19.”

Dr Tshegofatso Legodi – Professional Medical and Clinical Advisor in the Instant Vitals team.
What are the best practices for screening?
Optimal Lighting conditions:
  • Even lighting across face
  • Surroundings must be well lit
  • No light source behind the subject’s face
  • No direct sunlight
  • No light changes during the test
  • No flickering lights reflected on the face
Device setup:
  • The phone should be in a fixed position during the entire test.
  • The device should be placed within arms reach from the subject (40-50cm away).
  • The device battery level should be not below 50%.
  • Do not use the app when the phone is in power-save mode.
How often should I screen myself if I have the personal app?
We recommend daily or twice daily screening to minimise risk and improve the chances of detecting any deteriorating signs as early as possible.
During quarantine and if you are COVID-19 positive, more frequent screening would be advised to actively monitor key vital signs and seek medical attention when indicated.
How long does Instant Vitals™ take to screen?
Once you have answered the screening questionnaire and entered your temperature, Instant Vitals™ extracts vital signs with medical-grade accuracy within approximately 40 - 60 seconds by processing video which the AI detects from skin regions of the face.
Will make-up, different skin colours, a beard or wearing glasses influence the measurements?
None of these affect the Instant Vitals™ measurements. It merely focuses on your upper cheeks to get a reading
Does Instant Vitals™ take a screenshot or a video?
No, Instant Vitals™ does not capture or store video or screenshots, it works on real-time signal processing of the video feed only, which is not stored.

The measurements resulting from the processing of the video feed are encrypted and stored securely. These results are used to calculate the risk status.
Do I need internet access to do a screening?
Internet connection is required to validate the QR code (which is also the app license) and get the status and update the encrypted results to the Instant Vitals™ cloud platform. The actual risk status is calculated and returned to the app by the Instant Vitals™ Cloud when the encrypted screening results and questionnaire answers are uploaded. However, the app doesn’t use internet during the actual screening.
Will the Instant Vitals™ app work on my phone?
For iOS phones
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • iOS version 13 and above
For Android phones

Android version 8.1 and above
CPU instruction set - 64 bit ARMv8-A
To determine your Android phone’s compatibility:
Android version:
Open the Settings app on your phone. Scroll to the bottom to find 'About Device' or 'About Phone'.
Scroll down to find the 'Android version'.

CPU instruction set:

Download the AIDA64 app* from the Play Store.
Click on CPU and scroll down to the 'Instruction Set'.

*AIDA64 is a system information, diagnostics, and auditing application. It displays detailed information on the components of your phone

If the Android version is 8.1 or above, and the CPU instruction set is 64-bit ARMv8-A, then the app will work on your phone.
How accurate is Instant Vitals™?
Instant Vitals' Artificial Intelligence for wellness vital sign screening has been developed in conjunction with an extensive medical professional team and   has been accuracy tested and certified by independent medical organisations. This is presently undergoing FDA and CE approval.
How secure is my information?
Each person’s encrypted QR Code and data wallet is stored securely in the Instant Vitals™ Cloud on AWS.
ONLY your name and Instant Vitals™ health risk status (green/amber/red/critical) is shared with the verifier apps when entering a venue.
Your questionnaire answers and vital signs are encrypted and not accessible by others.
The reporting of attendance at venues and details of possible cross infection cases are only accessible by authorised staff of the organisation.
Where is Instant Vitals™ platform hosted?
Instant Vitals™ is hosted securely on AWS.  For large deployments dedicated on-premise hosting can be provided as a bespoke solution.
What should my results be to get a Green status?
Oxygen saturation of 95% or greater.
Resting heart rate of 95 beats per minute or less. Respiratory rate less than 20 breaths per minute.
Temperature lower than 37.4%.
If I get a Red or Critical status does it mean I have COVID-19?
Instant Vitals™ is a wellness assessment solution based on vital sign indicators and the answers to the questions and the temperature entered in the app from a trusted external measurement.

The overall wellness assessment will give a critical, red or amber status should any of the vital signs be abnormal. The weighted questions will also contribute to the wellness status. Therefore, if you have a critical status, you should urgently seek medical attention. A red status is a recommendation to seek medical diagnosis, as there are sufficient abnormal signs and/or symptoms to warrant this.

Amber status is a caution since one or more of the measurements is not green, but not severe enough to be red.
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