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Get your business Covid Compliant.

Instant Vitals along with their partners Dr T Legodi and development partners 'The Delta' launched a covid risk management app to assist businesses and help them to be proactive during the Covid pandemic. 

The Instant Vitals app uses the most widely available technology today - the smartphone and artificial intelligence which enables users to measure blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate within 1 minute.

The result is a simple green, amber or red health risk status, enabling early detection and managing health risks which is key to the prevention of covid and other life threatening diseases. 

In a case where a person is not showing symptoms, the body gives us early warnings through key vital signs. This allows for early isolation, preventing as many days as possible of cross-infection. Isolation of positive Covid cases tend to be time sensitive and a testing delay may result in unwitting infections.

The Instant Vitals app provides an encrypted QR code for each user. The solution provides a verifier license variant to enable enterprises, education, hospitals, hospitality, travel and public places to check individuals entering. A negative result provides peace of mind to all, early detection and alerts to those infected. This is also the case for viruses other than Covid. These individuals can then be referred for medical attention since the solution is aimed at screening, which is case finding and not diagnosis. 

The age old adage applies - “prevention is better than cure!”

As the second Covid wave begins spreading across Africa, Instant Vitals presents a solution that could save lives and assist businesses to be proactive and stay operational that in turn will keep the economy going. 

Instant Vitals is currently engaging with a large global airline and countries like the Philippines, UK, Uganda, India, South Africa and USA are showing interest in the product. Other industries include the mining industry in South Africa and a forestry industry business has already deployed the solution in 2020. 

The personal edition was also launched in December 2020 to allow individuals to benefit as well. People with active cases of the virus are often unaware that their conditions have deteriorated and succumb to the disease at home before they can get appropriate care. 

The Instant Vitals app has not only detected several Covid cases early, but also other life threatening diseases. Early detection is key to saving lives and we hope our app will contribute to the global fight to end this global epidemic.

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