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Detect Covid-19 symptoms

Instant Vitals can detect Covid-19 symptoms faster and easier than conventional screening methods

Although South Africa has not met the threshold for a third wave but the rapid increase in the percentage testing positive for COVID-19 and the 7-day moving average of confirmed cases is cause for concern.

How can we ensure that businesses can operate without posing a risk to either their employees, their customers or the general public?

With limitations to the current testing methods means that there are far more people infected than are being reflected in the statistics, many being asymptomatic.

The InstantVitals app utilises advanced screening with artificial intelligence (AI) processes wavelength measurements of blood vessels directly under the skin to measure these key vital signs.

This approach is a far more effective option than the current one, which only checks a person’s temperature before allowing them entrance to a building or their place of work. Paper-based health risk screening questions are also a risk as they are not monitored or processed in real-time. For one thing, temperature is not an altogether accurate gauge, since there are many who display no symptoms for the first seven to 10 days, though they may not be aware of silent hypoxia.

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*Written by Rodney Weidemann, first published on ITWeb.