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Instant Vitals helps businesses prepare for 3rd wave

With a 3rd wave on the horizon, it’s important to make sure the correct Covid_19 protocols are in place.

South Africa has recorded 3 522 new coronavirus infections in the last 24-hour cycle, taking the total number to 1 621 362 million cases. The country has also recorded 167 new COVID-19 related fatalities on Wednesday. This brings the total number of deaths to 55 507.

Although businesses are more prepared for a lockdown than a year ago, it could have a severe impact on our economy.

A third wave could be delayed if businesses as well as the public practice social distancing and adhere to non-pharmaceutical measures, to help transmissions decline. 

Instant Vitals has designed an app to help businesses manage the risk in their organisations combining health artificial intelligence on a mobile phone with risk management and actual vital signs measurement with medical accuracy.

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