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Managing COVID-19 risk for schools and families

With SouthAfrica slowly lifting restrictions and schools going back in stages, it is time for schools, parents and care givers to put prevention measures in place to ensure the COVID-19 risk is being managed.

It is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools and into the community, particularly since the “South African Variant” as it has been called has affected all ages and had a much higher mortality rate; It is essential to ensure the safety of learners, education staff while at school and particularly the parents and breadwinners of the learners.

The Instant Vitals™solution advanced health-risk screening solution was developed to help communities continuously live and operate in a healthy and safe environment; essentially get back to “normal”! Early detection of, not only COVID but any disease can save lives. Global medical evidence has shown that up to 80% of individuals don’t necessarily show signs and symptoms, and sometimes the illness goes completely unnoticed.

The Instant Vitals™ solution uses the most widely available technology today - the smartphone and artificial intelligence, which enables users to measure blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate within 1 minute. The solution comprises a smartphone app and the Instant Vitals Cloud platform which manages, monitors and reports for organizations.

The result is a simple green, amber or red health risk status, enabling early detection and managing health risks which is key in the prevention of COVID-19 and other life-threatening diseases. 

The Instant Vitals™ solution has already detected several COVID-19 cases early, but has also alerted some users of other life-threatening diseases. Early detection is key to saving lives. We are seeing that the solution will contribute to the global fight to end this global pandemic, as it is being deployed in industry and public venues already.

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